Our Coffee

At Hawaiian Aroma Caffe, we offer a fine blend of estate grown Guatemalan, Mexican and Sumatran beans. We proudly blend the finest Mexican beans originating in the Mayan Highlands of Chiapas. For the best coffee in Waikiki, visit us today!


Our Roast

We take our roast seriously. Only the best combination of Arabica and Robusta beans, roasted to bring out the natural sweetness & subtle nutty notes, reminiscent of traditional European style with balanced acidity & full body. You're going to love what you're drinking.


Our Panini

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe offers the freshest panini in Honolulu. They're carefully orchestrated under the close eye and direction of our hand picked culinary team, inspired by European finesse and fresh local ingredients. Each panini tells a story, from our kitchen to you!


Our Creation

Aroma Caffe's team of experienced baristas make it their daily mission to produce the highest quality espresso drinks and latte art in Waikiki, with a splash of aloha in every cup. Our team created over 8 espresso drinks that became an immediate Honolulu hit and a trademark in our industry.