Enjoy your night at Hawaiian Aroma Caffe!

We are excited to announce a whole new menu of beverages and food items for our night time hours! Hawaiian Aroma Caffe will be serving alcoholic beverages along with some delicious pupus. Come spend your night at Hawaiian Aroma Caffe! Below are our new menu items


Okole Maluna - "bottoms up/cheers"

A nother day in Paradise 

L ost in Waikiki

O range Sunset

H appy Hour

A hui hou

1. Another Day in Paradise:

Bacardi Rum, coconut and horchata

2. Lost in Waikiki:

Fresh fruit, elder flower and white wine

3. Orange Sunset:

Sky Vodka, peach, orange juice and sparkling wine

4. Happy Hour:

Plymouth Gin, fresh raspberries, lemon & sour

5. A hui hou:

Patron Reposada, vanilla , mint and dash of lemon


Bubbles for Troubles - Sparkling Wine Cocktails

1. Wild Blackberry Sparkle

2. Raspberry fling

3. Pineapple pick-a-boo

4. Mango Mingle

5. Blueberry Bubble

6. Lovely Lavender

7. HIbiscus D.Light

PuPu's in Paradise

1. Banh me & you

Aroma's take on world famous Vietnamese sandwich. Pork Belly marinated in sweet chili and sautéed to perfection on a French baguette with a Basil aioli spread and topped with Vietnamese pickles. *Can substitute pork for portobello Mushroom.

2. Kimo-chee

Our famous Hawaiian style creamy Kim Chee with Atlantic Salmon and topped with scallions.

3. Mac-Chicken 

Shredded Chicken Breast with a homemade mayo aioli and Parmesan topped with shaved red onions and Kosher pickle.

4. Hawaiian Stallion

Chopped angus roast beef marinated in a roasted pineapple and habanero sauce and topped with crispy onion.

5.Paradise Purple Pua'a

BBQ pulled Pork on a purple Taro bun with a horseradish &a Parmesan Coleslaw.

Latte Art at Hawaiian Aroma Caffe

Here at Hawaiian Aroma, we love to create incredible art while providing delicious latte's and drinks for our customers. Below are some examples of latte art we've recently created right here in our cafes!

Surfing with the Stars

Hawaiian Aroma is proud to partner with AccesSurf in presenting "Surfing with the Stars", a fundraiser taking place on the shores of Waikiki. It's all about community for us. We love to spread the aloha to everyone, and being able to gift people with the opportunity to surf with the superstars of surfing is a dream come true. Mahalo to everyone who made this event possible!



Hawaiian Aroma Caffe Featured on Japanese Television!

We are excited that our beautiful location in the Beachcomber in Waikiki received a warm visit from a whole crew of people! They adored our cafe and could not stop talking about how delicious the coffee was. If you're in Waikiki and want the best coffee around, look no further than Hawaiian Aroma Caffe! Link to the TV segment is below!

Why Drink Coffee?

Mahalo to our friends at Nearsay.com for the great article on our coffee!

Hawaiist Article

Mahalo to our friends at Hawaiist.com for visiting us and writing up a great article about our Waikiki Beachcomber location.

Adaptive Surf Competition

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe is a proud sponsor of the Access Surf 10th Annual Adaptive Surf Competition.

Holiday Inn Beachcomber

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe's newest cafe location is in the Holiday Inn Beachcomber in Waikiki, and it's one of the most beautiful coffee shops you will ever see.

Davies Pacific Location

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe opens up it's second location in the Davies Pacific Center.

Coffee History At Aroma Caffe

We give a detailed look on where our coffee beans come from. We ensure the highest quality coffee beans from all over the world.