Hawaiian Aroma Caffe Featured on Japanese Television!

We are excited that our beautiful location in the Beachcomber in Waikiki received a warm visit from a whole crew of people! They adored our cafe and could not stop talking about how delicious the coffee was. If you're in Waikiki and want the best coffee around, look no further than Hawaiian Aroma Caffe! Link to the TV segment is below!

Why Drink Coffee?

Mahalo to our friends at Nearsay.com for the great article on our coffee!

Hawaiist Article

Mahalo to our friends at Hawaiist.com for visiting us and writing up a great article about our Waikiki Beachcomber location.

Adaptive Surf Competition

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe is a proud sponsor of the Access Surf 10th Annual Adaptive Surf Competition.

Holiday Inn Beachcomber

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe's newest cafe location is in the Holiday Inn Beachcomber in Waikiki, and it's one of the most beautiful coffee shops you will ever see.

Davies Pacific Location

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe opens up it's second location in the Davies Pacific Center.

Coffee History At Aroma Caffe

We give a detailed look on where our coffee beans come from. We ensure the highest quality coffee beans from all over the world.